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Our classes, your vibe.

Go easy on me please.

When your mind and body are craving something a little more relaxed and rejuvenating, these are the classes for you. A great class to check in with your body systems.

I just want to feel good.

These classes are perfect when you’re wanting to lengthen, align and sculpt. Rooted in foundations, they apply Pilates principles through more varied movements to exercise your mind and body.

Kick my butt.

For when you want to feel the burn in all the right places. These classes bridge the gap between your fundamental movements and integrated mechanics for a more challenging exploration of movement.

Reformer Pilates

Reformer Pilates is a workout like no other. The Reformer machine uses spring tension and a gliding carriage to give you an amazing core workout that trains balance, mobility, and stability. The best part about this machine is that, it can take Pilates to a whole new level in terms of difficulty, yet it is also super approachable to those with injuries and severe limitations. The moving machine challenges your balance in a whole new way, expect to plank, pulse and sweat your way into the best shape of your life.

Reformer Class Categories

Foundational Reformer

A great class for beginners or for those looking to check in with their body systems. This class gives you a chance to take your time through movements that support your joints and their biomechanics, aiming to establish a solid groundwork for further progression in Pilates practice.

Strengthen and Sculpt

A dynamic class to build upon the foundational principles learned in our Reformer class, applying them to a wider range of movements. This class challenges both your body and mind, providing a comprehensive workout experience that leaves you feeling empowered and fulfilled.

Reformer Burn

Turn up the heat and take your skills to the next level with the reformer burn class. Through leveraging fascial slings, we seamlessly integrate your body's joints into a unified, dynamic system, allowing for deeper and more challenging movement exploration. Get ready for an electrifying, full-body experience.

Get Sprung

Welcome to Get Sprung, where we infuse fitness with fun and bounce. In this dynamic, low-impact class, we harness the power of rebounding to deliver a full-body workout that's easy on the joints. Using mini-trampolines, we elevate cardiovascular health, tone muscles, and improve coordination.

Mat Pilates

Mat Pilates is the Pilates classes you know & love, but with our Sweat Happy Vibe infused into every class. This isn’t your grandma’s Pilates class (though Grandmas are more than welcome). This class takes your classic Pilates Philosophies & Principles and infuses them with inspiring, educational, fun. Get ready to use your body in a whole new way, challenging mobility & stability and training your core to the max.


Barre Class is a wonderful blend of Pilates, Yoga, & Dance. You’ll get the same Pilates core-inspired burn, with a blend of yoga-ish postures, combined with the elements of dance you love like inspiring music and shake-your-booty rhythm. Get ready to pulse, sweat & shake yourself into a better mood & bod!


Guided by expert instructors, our classes encompass a harmonious fusion of breath, movement, and self-discovery. Embrace the joy of flowing through poses that cater to your unique needs, leaving each session refreshed and empowered. From serene moments of gentle yoga to the invigorating sequences of power yoga, discover balance and unity in every breath.

Yoga Class Categories

Gentle Yoga

This nurturing class invites you to explore a tranquil journey of mindful movement, deep stretches, and breath awareness. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned practitioner, our gentle yoga class provides a serene space to connect with your body and mind, promoting relaxation and rejuvenation. Join us and experience the gentle flow that harmonizes body, breath, and spirit, leaving you refreshed and centered.

Power Yoga

Join us for an energizing fusion of cardio and yoga in our Power Yoga classes. Experience a more dynamic and fast-paced flow that boosts flexibility, builds strength, and improves balance. This is not your average yoga – it's a comprehensive, whole-body cardio and strength-building session. Finish each power-packed session with meditation and breathing exercises for a complete, holistic experience.

Sound Bowl Healing

Our Sound Bowl Healing Classes are a group lead meditation class for people who find quieting their busy minds difficult. Research shows us that sound healing can slow down our brain waves and put our bodies in a very relaxed, dreamlike state. It may also be able to help with certain physical and mental health conditions. Participants will lay down & listen to the calming and meditative vibrations of sound bowls & instruments. Feel your worries melt away with this healing sound bath.

Bring a blanket, pillow, yoga mat & anything else that may help put you in a meditative state (eye mask, crystals, etc)


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