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Happy to the core

happy to
the core

more than just a workout.

sweat happy wellness is a vibrant community, a movement, and a catalyst for self-discovery.

the ultimate pilates x wellness studio

At Sweat Happy Wellness we celebrate the joy of movement in an empowering collective space. We are wellness studios reimagined, offering a wide range of fun and motivating classes from reformer and mat pilates to yoga, barre, sound bowl healing, and specialized courses in pelvic floor and pilates foundations.

Reformer Pilates

Reformer Pilates is a workout like no other. The Reformer machine uses spring tension and a gliding carriage to give you an amazing core workout that trains balance, mobility, and stability.

Mat Pilates

Mat Pilates is the Pilates classes you know and love, but with our Sweat Happy Vibe infused into every class.


Barre Class is a wonderful blend of Pilates, Yoga, & Dance. You’ll get the same Pilates core-inspired burn, with a blend of yoga-ish postures, combined with the elements of dance you love like inspiring music and shake-your-booty rhythm.

Sound Bowl Healing

Our Sound Bowl Healing Classes are a group lead meditation class for people who find quieting their busy minds difficult. Research shows us that sound healing can slow down our brain waves and put our bodies in a very relaxed, dreamlike state.


Guided by expert instructors, our classes encompass a harmonious fusion of breath, movement, and self-discovery. Embrace the joy of flowing through poses that cater to your unique needs, leaving each session refreshed and empowered.

The Sweat Happy Method.

The Sweat Happy approach will leave you feeling stronger, while igniting personal growth and self-discovery. Each transformation, whether it's a shift in mindset, a physical change, or a deeper connection with self, is a reason to celebrate. There is nothing more important to us than empowering you to discover the highest version of you.

Grow the movement.

For every body.

The Sweat Happy community has members across all ages and all levels of their fitness journey. Our classes are adaptable to everyone, whether you're a beginner, facing mobility issues, dealing with an injury, in the pre or post-surgery phase, are athletic, or simply looking to tone up.

New here?

We’re so happy you found us! We offer single classes so you can experience a sweet Sweat Happy sweat session before committing to a package. For reformer pilates, we recommend starting with a Pilates Foundations class so you can get comfortable with the machine.



201 George Street North (at the back of the Harness Factory)
Peterborough, Ontario

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15 William Street North (the old Post Building, 3rd floor)
Lindsay, Ontario

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