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About Sweat Happy

“We are parents of two young kids and dream of a world where daily workouts are just the bare minimum for self care, where wellness isn't so difficult to achieve and where we can all help each other grow.”

Meet Becky & Kent

From a revelatory teenage discovery to overcoming setbacks and falling in love with Pilates, Becky's story is a testament to the power of accessible, mindful, and enjoyable movement.

Our Story

Hey! I'm Becky Sheehey and I love helping people discover the power of movement as a catalyst for changing their whole world! 

We are not meant to be stuck-we are meant to move, learn, grow, and change! I discovered how powerful movement was for personal change when I was 14 years old. I realized how amazing I felt after a workout and thought, this is something special. More people need this.

The problem is; workouts can be boring, they can injure us, they can feel too sweaty, or too tough, or leave us feeling depleted. I wanted to create exercise that was accessible and mindful, yet challenging and stimulating. Let's not forget, workouts should be fun, it should feel playful!

Sweat Happy was born while I was experiencing the post-run endorphin high and thought, okay, what is actually happening in our brains to make this post exercise state so blissful? I ended up doing my thesis project on Post Exercise Neurotransmitters and How They Affect The Brain, and I created Sweat Happy, a blog about my personal fitness and health journey. 

As with all health and wellness journeys, however, my story has some ups and downs.

I was hooked on this post-running bliss state from the age of 15 until age 25, when I was told "you can't run anymore" by multiple practitioners. I was a mess. I was living with chronic pain, I had multiple injuries, and running just wasn't the way to achieve my happiness any more. 

While this was depressing for me at the time, thankfully it led to my discovery of the best practice ever: Pilates. 

I took my first Reformer class and loved it! It was challenging, yet, I could tell I was addressing my weak core and my muscular imbalances. Best of all, having to think so hard about the movements and exercises really helped to take me out of my busy brain and into my body. It was exactly what I needed. My only wish is that I’d discovered it 10 years sooner! 

Sweat Happy is a family business that I run alongside my husband, Kent. Together we spread our mission of helping people discover movement that is good for their bodies. We help them to dig a little deeper to get to the root of their imbalances, on and off the reformer. We help people find a place for community, wellness, and for personal growth, development and self-discovery. 


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